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2020 Green Business Summit Registration

The Green Business Summit is an annual event we host. Previous Summit themes include corporate social responsibility and how modernization in industry has changed sustainable practices of corporate business in recent decades. Normally, the format is that each presenter speaks on these topics in their individual fields and experiences and brings a unique perspective on the importance on green business and how companies, governments, and the general public have moved towards embracing this change in the sustainability world. We had the extraordinary privilege of having professionals from Agrible, EY, Accenture, the Climate Reality Project, and UIUC CoB join us at the Summit.

By holding the Summit annually, we hope to reach out to the student community here at UIUC to emphasize the importance of Green Business in a conference-style setting. We hope for this to be a learning experience for students and a way to network with experienced professionals who are leading the sustainability industry.

The 2020 Spring Business Summit is on Saturday, February 22nd.


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